Over the past ten years, technology has driven a global shift that has enabled unlimited consumer choice, boundless scale and uncapped opportunities. The evolution of the digital economy has effectively unlocked a previously tethered system, giving companies, brands, creators, influencers and individuals alike monetization possibilities that transcend previous limitations of physical distribution, legacy communication or traditional business models.

Within this new and unhindered system, every company can interact directly with its consumers and every individual can access the tools to become their own brand. This seismic shift has empowered the consumer more than ever before, and the businesses and platforms that recognize, maximize and perpetuate the permanence of this direct-to-consumer dynamic will emerge as the next generation of leaders.

We will seek visionary founders leading technology-enabled platforms disrupting the traditional worlds of sports, health, wellness, food, commerce, and culture through their unique relationship with the consumer. We will pursue acquisitions of platforms that are creating communities around their brands, listening to what their consumers want and fulfilling those wants in innovative and unprecedented ways.